Thursday, March 29, 2012

Theme Days for Kids

Where does the time go? I can't believe we are so close to Spring Break. Tomorrow is my kids last day of school. They have Friday off for Cesar Chavez , and then they have all of next week off for Spring Break, and after that it is all downhill until we hit summer. Sheeesh! I am not ready for Spring Break yet, let alone summer.

We aren't going anywhere for Spring Break this year, so I decided to plan some fun theme days to keep my kids busy and make sure that we don't waste the whole week away in our pajamas doing nothing - don't worry though, I did plan one day for that :-). I've planned six themes for our six days off, and I thought I would share them because then I am more likely to follow through and actually do them. You know how that goes. So here they are, but they may not end up in this particular order. If I wake up one day and don't feel like getting dressed, then that day could become pajama day. And if something better comes up, we might even drop an entire theme. I like to live on the wild side - a little flexibility is good.

1. Decorate shoe boxes to keep treasures in, and then have an outdoor scavenger hunt. I think Elise's list will be in words so she can practice reading, and Steven's will be in pictures. Cameron can just grab whatever the heck he wants and throw it on in his box because there is just no controlling that little monkey.
2. Pick up In N Out for lunch and eat it outside as a picnic.
3. Sidewalk chalk and bubbles.
4. Play on the slip in slide and in the little pool.
5. Clean out the car and wash it.

1. Hot Wheels Races in the driveway (maybe make a trophy first to award to the fastest car).
2. Bike Parade and Races: Decorate bikes and then set up a course in the driveway for them to follow. Count how many laps they can each finish.
3. Make this Easter Bunny Race Car Treat seen here. Only I will make mine more Gluten Free diet friendly for Steven by using a candybar instead of Little Debbie Swiss Roll.
4. Clean My Room Races: Race to see who can have their room cleaned up the quickest.

1. Watch a "Drive In" movie like they did here in cars we'll make out of boxes like these. We'll make some popcorn, and probably some sweet chex mix to eat while we watch.

2. Build forts inside with sheets and pillows.
3. Make dreamcatchers like these.
4. Have Brinner (Breakfast for Dinner).
5. Change all the sheets and help kids practice making beds.

1. Visit my kids' favorite place, Jump 'N Jammin at the Santa Anita Mall.
2. Visit the library for some books and stop off at Library Park for some fun.
3. Walk to 7-11 for slurpees.
4. Field Trip to the basement for some Laundry sorting and clothes washing.

1. Visit Chuck E Cheese for some fabulous games (we have about 50 tokens left over from Steven's birthday to use up so I don't even have to buy any - score!)
2. Play Cooties and Simon Says outside.
3. Twister
4. Hide and Seek
5. Contest to see who can clean up their room the happiest. Prizes will be awarded. Maybe I'll even turn on some music.

1. Dye Easter Eggs
2. Sidewalk chalk (yep, it's a repeat, but you can never have too much sidewalk chalk. Maybe we'll do it on game day too and make hopscotch.)
3. Make T.P. roll bunnies like these seen here.
4. Color the HUGE coloring pages I got at Target this week.
5. Clean up rooms and hang up a cord with clothespins to display their favorite artwork and school work.

Wow, I think that took me longer to type than to plan. And now that I am looking at it all typed up, I am thinking it is A LOT of stuff for one week. Hopefully we get through most of it and the kids have a fun Spring Break. If I like it I may try to plan one theme day a week during summer. And maybe I'll even get out my camera and take some pictures of my kids doing some of this stuff and post them. I have been terrible about photographing my kids lately. And even worse about posting stuff about them on the blog. Maybe this will get me going again.